What's Your Boudoir Style?

Many years ago, a “boudoir” was a gorgeous room, that was decorated specifically for a woman.  In that room, a woman could sit, sleep, dress, relax and entertain.  Today, Boudoir Photography takes place in almost the same setting, but there are three small differences:

1-There is a photographer in the room

2-There is definitely no sleeping

3-We have a lot more fun than if we were just sitting around!


So Why Should You Book a Shoot?

I have found that every woman has their own special reason for booking a boudoir shoot, but some of my favorite reasons are:

-To celebrate your marriage and give an album as a gift to your spouse

-To celebrate being single, or newly single

-To just celebrate being a woman

-To feel empowered

-To push yourself outside your comfort zone;to push your boundaries


Boudoir is an amazing experience, where I capture everyday woman’s beauty.  My studio is in Lafayette, and I have designed it as a place for women to embrace their sexy side.  It’s the perfect gift to yourself (You get pampered for a day with hair and makeup!).  It’s also a great gift for a significant other to celebrate an anniversary, a birthday, or an upcoming wedding.  At Boudoir By Missy Goldwyn, we always keep it classy, and we always make the entire boudoir experience exciting, luxurious, empowering and most importantly, FUN!! 


From the moment you enter the studio, you will be spoiled.  My goal is to  make this an unforgettable celebration of you.  As you are standing, sitting, or laying in front of the camera, I will always guide you through every pose-you don’t have to know how to do this!  I help every step of the way.  We will laugh a lot, and we will capture amazing photographs of you.  Whether your style is to be sensual, sexy or playful, flirty, elegant or completely somebody other than yourself, we will do it! 


No matter what style you are going for, I will create beautiful boudoir images that you will be able to look back on for many years to come.  Don’t wait!  It’s time to celebrate you. 



Missy Goldwyn