Five Myths About Boudoir Photography That You Should Not Believe!

So many women have it in their head that they “can’t” do a boudoir photo shoot. I make it one of my goals at Boudoir By Missy Goldwyn, to empower women that they most definitely can and should do a boudoir session for themselves! Every woman deserves to feel beautiful, and to be treated like a princess for a day. At Missy Goldwyn Boudoir, you are treated like royalty from the minute you walk into the studio, till the last picture is taken. Don’t let any of these myths stop you from scheduling a boudoir session at my studio, in Lafayette, California.

Myths Why Many People Think They Can’t Book A Boudoir Session:

  1. Most woman think they have to be skinny to pose for a boudoir photo shoot. This is such a sad myth and unfortunately many women believe it. A Boudoir Photo Shoot is all about celebrating and loving your body no matter what it looks like at the moment. Women of all shapes and sizes enjoy a boudoir photography session, and so should you! Let me help you fall in love with your body-these photo shoots are the perfect opportunity to do exactly that!

  2. Many women think that have to be young to do a boudoir photo shoot. No matter your age, every woman deserves to love and celebrate your body! Why would this privilege be restricted to only young women? Every woman deserves this opportunity. There is no age limit on boudoir photography, in fact, I think every woman should celebrate their 50th, 60th and 70th birthday with a boudoir session!

  3. Most women think they have to be naked in their boudoir photo shoot. You absolutely don’t have to take your clothes off! There are so many classy boudoir poses we can do with your clothes on! This is YOUR shoot. You get to do it your way. Some women love to start in lingerie, and end up naked in my white sheets for amazing shots, and some women elect to wear less revealing body suits and we can make either shoot amazing.

  4. Women think they need to be overly confident in front of the camera. This is not true at all! I will guide you through all of your poses. All you need to do is follow directions and be your beautiful self! I will put you in the exact position I want you in, super easy!

  5. The last myth most women have, is that they have to have a significant other to give the photos to. So, while boudoir photos do make amazing gifts to a significant other, they also make great gifts for yourself! Celebrating you, is all about you. You DO NOT need to gift these images to anyone but yourself!

I hope you now realize, that no matter what you look like, or how old your are, you can enjoy a boudoir photography session just as much as anyone else. This is such an amazing gift you can give yourself…and you will have these impressive images forever. At Boudoir By Missy Goldwyn, I can assure you, this photo shoot will change the way you see yourself. Not only will it give you a confidence you didn’t have before, it will also empower you to realize how beautiful and strong you truly are. Don’t wait any longer! Contact me today and get on my schedule. I’m currently booking about three months out, but I’d love to add you to my schedule, and get you the best images you have ever seen of yourself.

Missy Goldwyn