Couples Boudoir

Usually, with boudoir sessions, a woman seeks out a photographer to capture her most primal, romantic, and sexy side. It ends up as a beautiful wall art canvas or album for herself or a lucky partner. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. I thoroughly enjoy shooting boudoir photos with just a single participant and love seeing the subject’s personality come to life through the lens.

With couples boudoir, it’s all about the connection the couple shares in the present. We take the love, feelings, and emotions of the couple and make them come to life on camera. There’s this stigma around couples boudoir that you have to have your freak flag on display at full mast all the time in order to enjoy a session. You may be dating or married. You may have had kids. You may be deeply and madly in love. IT DOES NOT MATTER. What matters is catching your most beautiful intimate moments together. It really brings back warm memories looking back and seeing such intimate beautiful moments captured.   

Couples boudoir is about organically letting the romance between two people take place while interjecting minor cues if needed. If you feel most sexy in jeans and a t-shirt, let’s do it! Your photographs will look phenomenal regardless of what you’re wearing. And while, to some, it may seem nerve-wracking to strip down and get frisky with a photographer looking on, many couples said they left the shoot feeling more confident, more empowered and more connected to each other.

A pro can guide you through the process, including selecting outfits, props, and anesthetic. Photographers typically start with tame clothed shots. Once you’re warmed up, you and boo might begin undressing each other, looking into each other’s eyes, laughing, or just enjoying the moment. It is a great time to bond and just be in your natural state of love.  Schedule your couples boudoir session today!

Missy Goldwyn