Boudoir Photography Outfit Ideas

Top Items to Wear For Your Boudoir Session That AREN'T Lingerie!


The first question we get at Missy Goldwyn Boudoir Photography is, “What should I wear?”

Most people think that boudoir means lace, corsets, thongs, and things that are only worn in the bedroom. While lingerie does make for excellent, sexy photos, it’s not the only thing that makes for unbelievably hot boudoir photos! Realistically, SEXY does not only mean lingerie. I think it is very important to think outside the box! Bring something that represents you and what displays how unique you truly are. Boudoir photography does not always have to be about showing off the lingerie. Let’s show YOU!

Everyone has a different body shape and these differences are what makes us unique and beautiful! Some women may want to wear sexy lingerie, some may want a body suit that hides areas she doesn’t love about herself, and others may choose no clothes at all! Whatever look you are going for, at Boudoir By Missy Goldwyn, we can help you choose the best thing to wear that will show off your body, give you confidence, and most of all, look AMAZING on camera!

 I have some ideas of items you can add into your photo shoot, as an alternative to only wearing lingerie:

 1. WEAR SOMETHING OF HIS: If this is a gift for your fiance/husband/boyfriend, then bring something from his closet. Anything from his favorite button down shirt, tie, a sports jersey with knee high socks, or even his uniform. I had one woman bring her husbands fireman helmet, and she posed with that in front of her covering some areas, and nothing else! And he loved those images. Using something personal that only he will recognize will definitely surprise him and make the images more personal and sexy to him!

 2. A SEXY TOP: Do you have an over-sized, off the shoulder tee? He will absolutely love how carefree and sexy you look in it. This is one of my favorite options for clients to bring to the studio, especially if its got a wide enough neck that we can really pull it off the shoulder, and create some amazing teaser photos! Wearing this shirt, with a pretty pair of thong panties, makes for an incredible shot.

 Sweaters, especially a big off the shoulder type are also a great option for sexy winter scenes by the fireplace or all curled up in bed. This look also paired with cute panties, sexy stockings or a garter, will look amazing.

The other thing I love to shoot women in is just tank tops! Wearing a tank top, especially a slightly fitted white tank top that allows just a little bit to show through, and a sexy pair of panties, makes for an amazing shot. An Old Navy $5 tank top photographs beautifully.

 3. JEWELRY: Boudoir jewelry has no limitations. Body jewelry can really spice up a boudoir bedroom scene. Add some pearls, long earrings, or even a pop of color to add some drama.

 4. A DRESS: You can really create a cinematic experience, so get out your little black dress and give him a show! Give a little sneak peak as you slowly peel away the layers, unwrapping his present! A short and fitted cocktail dress can make a great boudoir photo-there are so many things we can do to really spice it up! Don’t forget a pair of heels! A pair of super high heels with not much else is a great look. So don’t forget your little black dress and heels…they are great things to bring to a boudoir photo shoot.

5. FAVORITE ITEMS: Maybe he is a guitar player or a violinist or maybe he just loves hats!  Bring something of his, that shows off who he is. Or bring something of yours that shows off who you are! If you are a tennis player, bring your racket, or wear just your tennis skirt! I love personalizing the shoot-anything that you can get creative with, bring it! If you love to cook, photographing you with a mixing bowl wearing just an apron will definitely have him looking twice. The possibilities are endless! 

 So, BELIEVE ME when I say that you do not have to spend a fortune on lingerie!. While I do recommend taking at least some of your boudoir photos in lingerie, I think it’s just as fun to incorporate a personal touch here and there. When we chat on the phone, we can discuss all kinds of scenarios, and Missy Goldwyn - Boudoir Photography San Francisco Bay Area - can assist you with all aspects of planning for your boudoir session.