5 Reasons To Do A Boudoir Shoot For Nobody But Yourself

While there are endless reasons to do a boudoir shoot for yourself, I have narrowed it down to my favorite five…

  1. To Affirm Yourself. I’m sure you have heard it over and over that a boudoir shoot is empowering.  (and it totally is!!) But not only is it empowering, it’s totally affirming too.  We all have self doubt, and many of us have a “saying on repeat” over and over in our mind starting with “one day I’ll be this…” Can you imagine the relieve that would come if you could stop trying to be something other than what you are?  If we all could say, “I’m fine just the way I am,” it would free up so much mental space that we could all live our lives without the swarming heaviness of self-doubt that we all have that follows us. During a boudoir session with me, I can promise you that you will feel validated, affirmed, and most of all, beautiful.  

  2. When You Are Older And More “Mature” You Will Be So Glad You Did a Boudoir Shoot! If we are all lucky enough to live into our 80’s or beyond, how amazing would it be to be able to look back at a time in life before gravity took ahold of our bodies?! Aging isn’t a bad thing, and

    hopefully we all are lucky enough to live long and healthy lives…but there will come a time when doing squats and push ups aren’t part of our daily routines-and it will be great to have

    something to look back on that documented your beauty during this time in your life.

  3. You Get To Be Treated Like a Celebrity For a Day! We start each session with full hair and makeup, and don’t forget the champagne!  Sometimes a little liquid courage is helpful to break the ice. You get to be the focus of all the pampering, while being cheered on by a team of people that see the best in you and are there to help you see it in yourself too.

  4. You Get To Have Positive Girl Time. We all need it!  There is nothing like some positive girl time.  You are welcome to bring a friend to your shoot!  At Boudoir By Missy Goldwyn, we have an all female staff, and while we make you feel like a princess, and we will also get you to laugh and have an amazing time.

  5. A Boudoir Shoot Might Increase Your Libido! While this one can’t be proven, it’s obvious that you will feel extra sexy when you look amazing and have taken some of the best pictures ever!  You will leave the studio all glammed up, confident, and excited to see your finished product…that’s the best time to go home and surprise your significant other!

Hopefully by now you will agree that you need no other excuse to do a boudoir shoot. Make the investment in yourself, and treat yourself to this empowering experience. You will come away with the best pictures you have ever taken, and promise you not only an amazing time, I promise a new confidence you didn’t think you were capable of.

Missy Goldwyn