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I Help Women Feel Empowered Through Sexy, Modern, and Invitingly Elegant Portraiture

Boudoir photography of a woman on a bed draped in white bed sheets.
Missy Goldwyn, Boudoir Photographer in the San Francisco Bay Area, is wearing a black and white outfit while holding a camera.
Boudoir style photograph of a woman handcuffed with pearls in black lingerie.
Boudoir photo shoot of a woman with black lingerie on a bed with white sheets.

Every Woman Deserves To Feel Like a Goddess

First time doing a photo shoot? No worries, I have photographed lots of women and 98% of my clients are every day women who have never done one either. I will walk you through the process step by step, starting with pampering you with complimentary hair and makeup, coaching you through the whole shoot, and posing you from your eyelashes down to the tips of your toes in the most flattering poses

Your images, just like your photo session, are always kept completely private. We only share client's images when they give us specific permission, which is often since they are so blown away and in love with their portraits. 

Whether you're planning your shoot as a gift for your significant other, to commemorate a milestone in your life or just to celebrate yourself, I cannot wait to capture... THE MOST STUNNING PICTURES YOU HAVE EVER SEEN OF YOURSELF!

Missy Goldwyn
Boudoir's all female staff.

Boudoir by Missy Goldwyn always has an all female staff. As women, we all understand the difficult relationship many of us can have with our bodies. We also know how amazing and empowering it can be to truly treasure your beauty, no matter what season in life you are in. Self image is so important to your mental health and we’d love to be able to show you how beautiful and strong you really are! By booking with Boudoir by Missy Goldwyn, we promise to make sure that you feel supported and comfortable throughout your entire experience! You deserve it!

Boudoir session of a smiling woman on a bed wrapped in white bed sheets.

The Boudoir Photography San Francisco Bay Area Process

Bay Area Boudoir - Blonde in dress

Step 1 • Consultation

I love to get to know everyone before their shoot! Whether it’s in person or a chat on the phone, pre planning sessions are welcome to you at no charge. It’s a fantastic way to break the ice, if in person I can show you samples, discuss ideas, chat pricing, let you ask questions, and get everything rolling! But we can always also chat over the phone. No pressure, if a phone chat is best, that’s what we will do!

Boudoir - girl against wall

Step 2 • Preparing

We've got great tips on places to buy beautiful pieces that are within your budget. We'll make sure you are prepared for your shoot! Once you have booked your session, I will send you a multiple page Boudoir Prep Guide PDF with the answers to many of your questions. It talks about wardrobe options, and how to best prepare.

Boudoir - girl at window

Step 3 • Photo Shoot

The day will come, and you won't need to worry about a thing. With our in house stylist you'll be able to practically roll out of bed and arrive ready to be pampered. We walk you through all of our tried and true tips on posing, and how to get the look you want for your photos. We've learned so much from photographing hundreds of bodies of every size, shape, and color. We'll be able to make you shine!

Step 4 • Reveal

After I’ve finished editing all your amazing photos, you will come back in and view them in person. I love the reactions from my clients, many of whom are truly seeing their exquisiteness for the first time. At this reveal appointment, you will view your images, and purchase the images you love, either a la carte, or in one of my packages. We can talk about albums, prints, and digitals, and you will have a chance to purchase only the products you can’t live without. I promise they will be the best images you have ever seen of yourself!

Congratulations! You now have beautiful images to share with your partner, or more importantly, to have for yourself. These amazing images will capture a time in your live that you can always look back on and cherish.


No matter what your style, we’ve got you covered - You can have unforgettable boudoir photos in a setting that matches your personality. They will be images you’ll cherish for the rest of your life. Visit the Gallery Page for a few examples of timeless themes that might fit your style.

Perhaps you love the beauty of simplicity - Do you want an editorial-style classic shoot with a white, gray or black backdrop? Do you live on the edge? Live fearlessly and take sexy, risqué shots in the barn, or the many amazing spots around our studio. Or you may love your natural glamour and soft intimate side with a session of warm boudoir shots on a furry rug or in the bedroom.

Join Missy Goldwyn For The Ultimate Photography Experience!



Client Love Notes

boudoir testimonial

Wendy F

I can't say enough about Missy Goldwyn and how wonderful she made me feel in front of the camera! I am my own worst critic and Missy Goldwyn was so warm, friendly, talented and gave me an experience I will always treasure not only in memory but also in photos.


Mendy G

Thank you to Missy for making me feel my best (actually better than my best)! She is incredibly talented and fantastic to work with. Everyone deserves to have photos of themselves that they can feel happy about and I am my own worst critic. She made me feel confident and comfortable during a boudoir shoot, which I've never done and which could be extremely awkward. The experience from start to finish made me feel pampered and relaxed.


Chris F

Missy Goldwyn was amazing to work with. From the moment I walked in the door I was treated like a celebrity - hair and makeup done by a professional. Once in front of the camera Missy made me feel comfortable and relaxed. The entire boudoir experience was fun, wonderful and a great success. Thank you Missy.


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